About Us

10409072_10153677090229910_1495193063249255400_nThe Wisconsin Crime Prevention Practitioners Association (WCPPA) had its start in the Fox Valley back in 1977.  At the time, it was organized by a group consisting of local college instructors and police officers to support and further crime prevention efforts in the area.  The association started small and had partnerships through the years with the juvenile officers association and the training officers association before breaking off on their own.  Since its beginning, the WCPPA has been affiliated with the National Crime Prevention Council and was a founding member of the Crime Prevention Association of America.

The WCPPA is a unique association in that membership is open to both law enforcement and loss prevention/asset protection in the private sector.  Presently, there are over 150 members in the association from throughout Wisconsin.  The WCPPA has recently been involved in some unique programs aimed at improving the safety and security of Wisconsin residents.  Some of these programs include the Good Drugs Gone Bad educational toolkit aimed at prescription drug abuse prevention and a partnership with the Home Depot stores to offer education and discounts on home security and safety related products.  We are also very active in children’s safety and are proud to be affiliated with both the Yell & Tell and Charlie Check First programs.

10471087_10153295879054910_2474095036566687174_nThe WCPPA’s mission is to promote networking and collaboration among its members and educating its members on new trends.  The WCPPA holds an annual training conference that is held each September at different locations throughout Wisconsin.  This conference has featured several national speakers in recent years.  In the spirit of collaboration and networking, the WCPPA has also recently been partnering with other organizations such as the US Attorney’s Office, Center for Problem Oriented Policing and the Mid States Organized Crime Information Center to offer one day trainings on community policing, organized retail theft, scrap metal theft, media relations, severe weather spotter and identity theft.


Wisconsin Crime Prevention Practitioners Association