CPTED – Lighting

JD takes us on a quick overview of lighting in this CPTED video segment.  He does have some “bright” ideas! :)

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CPTED – Fences

WCPPA President J.D. Dhein continues his crusade with more about CPTED: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. Today, JD concentrates on what type of fence to have around your business to be pleasing to your customers and discourages crime.

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Raising Awareness – use your local celebrities

The following comes from our partners over at Good Drugs Gone Bad.  This information can be adapted to crime prevention presentations.

In our seminars, we have a segment on raising awareness in your community.  One method that we discuss is “localizing” yourBarron County SO OWI v2 presentations.  People want to know what is going on in their community rather than the nation.  For example, talk about your local crimes, overdoses, hospitalizations, youth use, etc.  These statistics are much more impactful than national data.

You can find these statistics pretty easily through the internet.   When we travel to different parts of Wisconsin and even the United States, we research that area to “localize” our presentation to that area.  Do a Google search, using “prescription drug crime (your area); pharmacy robbery (your area); overdose death (your area); and so on.  With a little cut and pasting, you can incorporate these into your presentations.  If you’re a little lax on computer skills, ask one of your students or kids, that is how I learned!

Another way to raise this awareness is through community impact meetings or town hall events.  At these events, consider inviting a Drugsv2x2local officer, the sheriff, a county coroner, doctor, pharmacist, maybe a parent that lost a child due to an overdose.  These are your local experts, again with the key word being local!  They can talk about the impact locally and why this is important to your community. 

Lastly, if you plan on doing a media campaign or poster campaign in your community, again think local.  Who are your local celebrities?  It could be the police chief, the sheriff, a high school principal, the football coach, and so on.  Barron County has done similar media and poster campaigns featuring their local celebrities. These people are easily recognizable and use local landmarks as backdrops.  Find a local photographer or high school AV club that might be interested in doing this as a project.Scroll back in our blogBarron County SO OWI and you will see a poster campaign that we did featuring the local police chiefs and sheriff here in Winnebago County.   This actually started out as a commercial that turned into a VERY POPULAR poster!  Check out the commercial below!


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Staying Positive – a new method of prevention!

Typically when we see information about areas of prevention such as crime, substance abuse, physical and sexual abuse we tend to dwell or rely on statistics. The focus is generally on how many incidents, how many injuries, and how many deaths occurred….usually the “bad” part of the problem. We tend to overlook the “good” parts in that there are many people that don’t fall victim to crimes or abuse.

Several years ago, I attended a community-oriented policing training where the instructor focused on unique policing methods to combat problems. Some of the methods taught involved the use of billboards to deliver messages, using civil laws to combat quality of life problems, and working with others outside of law enforcement to address problems. This type of “thinking outside of the box” really hit home and my agency has used that philosophy on several ventures in the past few years.

When prevention practitioners go out to speak to our youth and parents on the dangers of substance abuse, historically it has gone like this… “27% of students in Winnebago County have used prescription drugs to get high;” “almost one out of every two high school students in the United States has used alcohol in the past 30 days.” These comments illustrate the negative side of the problem, but that’s all it is—a negative perception of our youth when in reality, most of our kids are “good” kids.rethink1-e1308748212867

Our local drug free coalition, re”TH!NK, has recently taken the step in recognizing these “good” kids by using these statistics to highlight what is not happening. The coalition paid for the production of Prom tickets for several area high schools this spring, and on the back of each ticket there was a positive statistic such as “77% of Winneconne High School students will not get into a car with someone who has been drinking alcohol;” “61% of Winneconne High School students have not had alcohol in the past 30 days.” Another local school, Kimberly High School took those positive statistics one step further and put them on a billboard on a major thoroughfare in the community.

I heard a saying a few years back that bears repeating, “Law enforcement is one of those unique professions where success is measured by what doesn’t happen!” I firmly believe that the same holds true in the prevention field as well. We need to remember to not lose the focus on our good kids and give them the credit that they deserve!

CPTED introduction and home entryways

Our president, J.D. Dhein, has produced some great videos on crime prevention topics.  This one features an introduction to CPTED and home entryways.  Feel free to share on your Facebook pages and to your Neighborhood Watch groups.

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WCPPA Clothing

If you liked the sweatshirt from the conference or any of the clothing that some of our board members were wearing, that clothing is available through Towsley’s in Manitowoc.  For more info or to order, click here for the order form.  2013WCPPA_OrderFormPresentation1-229x300



We have added some new newsletters in the Publications page courtesy of Town of Menasha PD, Wauwatosa PD and the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups.  If you have any newsletters that you would like to share, feel free to email those to Jason Weber – jweber@town-menasha.com



FREE Basic Crime Prevention Training!

The Wisconsin Crime Prevention Practitioners Association and the National Crime Prevention Council

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Home of McGruff the Crime Dog® 

Invite you to attend our upcoming 

FREE Skill-building

Basic Crime Prevention Course

June 10-12, 2014


Training Location:

Cedarburg Fire Department

W61n631 Mequon Avenue

Cedarburg, WI 53012

We hope you can take advantage of this great FREE training Opportunity.  Attached are a registration form, flier, and additional information regarding the training course.  You can also go to the link below for online registration and information. If you have any additional questions, please contact Sarita Coletrane at coletrane@ncpc.org.  Remember, you can also use this training to go towards your National Crime Prevention Specialist Certification program through NCPC.  It is the only NATIONAL certification in crime prevention available!  This training will fill up fast so don’t delay!

To register now or find out more about the training, please click on the following links:

Wisconsin skill-building flier

24-hour Basic Crime Prevention Agenda

Wisconsin Basic CP Registration Form

For additional information regarding our organization, please visit us at www.ncpc.org.


The WCPPA board of directors along with many member agencies have been busy planning and preparing for some training this year.  Our conference is coming along great and we hope to have a finalized agenda posted very soon.  There are a few trainings that we wanted to highlight.

  • Our members in Oshkosh are hosting an Advanced CPTED training this September.
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    This event is being taught through the National Crime Prevention Council and completion of the class works towards the Crime Prevention certification through NCPC!
  • The Good Drugs Gone Bad program has been putting on seminars throughout WI this year through a partnership with the WI Safe & Healthy Schools program of the CESA districts.  There are several more in the works this fall.  For more info, visit the programs website – www.gooddrugsgonebad.com
  • The crime prevention officers of Winnebago County are excited to host a seminar on school safety featuring Michael Dorn.  This event is scheduled for October 3rd from 8:30am to 3:30pm at the EAA Museum in Oshkosh.  This seminar will be free to all law enforcement.  Stay tuned for more information.

To register for these events, please visit the Trainings area on our website.

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Packer Cards

For over 20 years, the Green Bay Packers have been partnering with law enforcement agencies across  Wisconsin to provide player cards to distribute to kids.  This has been a very successful program in building relationships between law enforcement and the youth in our communities.

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D2012packerpolice1eadline to order cards is June 14!  2013 Packer card order form